Uncategorized21 Jul 2008 06:22 pm

We went ahead and made another directory called Going Business which is a business directory. It also runs on our own software which we’ve made and are working on.

We’re going to put some nice features in it including a different type of search feature where users can search for businesses by various criteria. We’ve given it a professional business like design, at least it looks business like to us, we could always be wrong :).

The site is pretty much live with some new features underway.

Wordpress Themes10 Apr 2007 03:20 pm

A free theme for your wordpress blog. We have tested it on various browsers, but if you find problems with it, please contact us and we will release an update for it.

The following is a graphic snap of how how the theme actually looks like. We will provide support for this theme as well. Just contact us from the contact us form on our site.

Mono Green big snap

You can also see a full working version with content here Monogreen Theme

Download here Mono Green Zip file

Announcements11 Mar 2007 08:52 am

Every day we get a bundle of comments which never get posted on our blog. We thought we would let people know which comments we will accept.

Comments like ‘visit our forums’, ‘cheap viagra online’, ‘visit our site’, ‘free porn’ or any comment which is just to get a url posted on our blog will not get approved.

We welcome comments with substance. Mainly the comment should relate to and be about the post under which the comment is entered.

If not, it should atleast have some substance and we may approve it.

Internet & Online25 Nov 2006 08:19 pm

This one’s a good one. Not because it’s our own site, but because of the effort and time put into it. Our developers made the entire directory from the ground up. We had to come up with ideas, design, a fast program engine and code. Take a look at the directory yourself and you will see what I am talking about.

There wasn’t much room for error and we wanted something different and unique. Something which sets us apart from the rest. These polls are quite different. But this was just a recent addition to the site. They are very interesting. You can see how many people voted on a poll from your specific country and where the greatest number of votes came from.

We also added in quite an array of options for webmasters submitting thier site, including a free option as long as they meet our criteria. Basically very logical, no spam, nicely written descriptions, meaningful titles, correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, that kind of stuff.

The site was launched not that long ago and is now getting an average of 120 visitors and 500 pageviews per day. I think that is pretty good and there is high chance of growth for this directory. Well of course if we keep up the hard work and don’t end up doing something really stupid that is.

Btw, the newest addition to the site is right here, this blog that you’re reading. And we still have a few more features we’re going to add pretty soon.